1. Beaver's Bend

    A crosshatched badge logo.
  2. STL

    A type-proportioned t-shirt.
  3. Campus Details

    Flora details in shamelessly shallow focus.
  4. Anchored

    A media-centric complete branding package.
  5. Mediafeed

    A flexible, powerful media distribution API
  6. Springs Summer Camp

    T-Shirt and recap video for a summer camp.
  7. Garden of the Gods

    Red and white rock in sun and shadow.
  8. Hold Fast

    A nautical seal-style logo.
  9. Work Biblically

    A subtle theme for a longform blog.
  10. Christmas Banquet

    An elegant, yet grounded holiday branding package.
  11. Dotrep

    An attention-grabbing one-pager..
  12. Countryside Classic

    A badge-style logo for a golf tournament.
  13. Wichitas

    A sun-soaked adventure on the crag.
  14. 2013 Ski Trip

    A dynamic halftone hoodie.
  15. Fog

    An ethereal morning by the lake.