Andrew Hale

Creator / Designer / Developer

You have something important to say; I can help you say it with clarity, confidence, and style.

I have a broad range of creative and technical skills including still and motion photography, illustration, graphic design, web design, and web development. Whether you need a memorable business card, or a multi-channel serial content API, I'll get the job done.

  1. My Ideal Dental »

    A web platform for a family of dentistry brands and their offices.

    Two distinct user stories (gather information / act on information) create the basis for the site navgation. Moblie-optimized layout keeps key user actions at your fingertips. Large type and high contrast make the site highly legible while careful visual design preserves the crisp and clear brand presence. CMS and API customizations provide both critical automation, and fine content control.

    Information Architecture, Website, API, API Integrations
    Wordpress, Twig, ES6, SCSS
  2. TCF Equipment »

    A lightning-fast, live-filtered product site.

    Direct and clear product browser which can be filtered and searched without page refresh. Includes tight integration with Wordpress including content and form automations. Performance is off the charts fast, with a Google psi score of 97, and the UI meets or exceeds the WCAG 2.0 AA standard for accessibility.

    Website, Training
    Wordpress, Twig, ES6, SCSS
  3. Car Showcase »

    A bold, flashy photo showcase.

    Gorgeous images and clear, brief text content emphasize the physical form of the car. Critical content and calls to action are highlighted and easy to locate. A 360-degree image viewer gives an immersive, wraparound view of the car. Rigorous optimization of responsive images results in an quick, effortless user experience.

    Photography, Website
    HTML5, ES6, SCSS
  4. Countryside Bible Church »

    A clear, colorful church website.

    Wall-to-wall images and color-coded page hierarchy create a clear, welcoming experience. Multiple third-party API integrations keep the backend lean. Visual styling is comfortable and clean without compromising performance or accessibility. Optional dark mode makes for pleasant browsing in low-light environments.

    Content Architecture, CMS Migration, Website
    Craft CMS, ES6, Pjax, SCSS
  5. Ministry Catalogue »

    A clear, navigable, and beautiful directory.

    Image and text compositions represent more than 60 ministries. Ministries are grouped in color-coded categories with engaging imagery reinforcing mission of each group. Consistent content editing and graphic layout make information acquisition quick and predictable.

    Photoshop, InDesign
  6. The Word Unleashed »

    A bold website for a longform podcast.

    Textural artwork reinforces the traditional nature of the audio content, and defines the primary color for each series page. Dynamic page loading provides audio playback that persists through navigation. Custom content API generates JSON and XML for web, iOS, and IoT applications.

    Website, Series Artwork, Content API
    Craft CMS, ES6, Barba.js, SCSS
  7. Timeline »

    A project timeline branding package.

    Branding package with logo, pamphlet, and timeline website. The presentation is clear and informative, but also friendly and familiar. Progress is represented with text, images, videos, and diagrams.

    Logo, Website, Video, Content Creation
    Wordpress, CSS3, jQuery, Premiere
  8. Men of the Word

    An assertive, traditional logo.

    The seal-type logo communicates the stability and tradition at the root of this rigorous course of study in theology and leadership. Lateral and rotational symmetry of the primary letterforms creates a compelling visual interaction.

  9. Media API »

    A scratch-built API for media info distribution.

    API allows clients to access and filter data from the media database. Returns data in various formats suitable for a wide range of applications/devices. Provides numerous filtering functions for maximum flexibility.

    API, Documentation
    MySQL, PHP, Composer
  10. Conference Recap Video »

    A quick and smooth event video.

    Bezier-eased animation on the logo and titles compliment the smooth camera motion. Careful editing and music selection keeps the momentum high, without feeling rushed.

    Logo, Videography, Titles, Motion Graphics, Video Production
    After Effects, Illustrator, Premiere
  11. Baskets of Blessings

    A cheerful, comforting logo.

    Baskets of Blessings organizes and delivers home-cooked meals to families in need due to sickness or hospitalization. The visual identity is clean and modern, with a cozy and reassuring sensibility.

  12. dotRep »

    An eye-catching one-page website.

    An animated SVG logo kicks things off with a pop of visual interest and a minimal sidebar menu reinforces the vertical nature of the one-page design. Streamlined asset delivery makes for a wicked-fast site.

    HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
  13. Anchored »

    Media-focused microsite.

    Wall-to-wall images and huge type create visually engaging landing pages for each section. Serial content from a third-party API is woven seamlessly into the site. SmoothState.js provides page transitions and persistent media playback.

    API Integration, Website
    Wordpress, CSS3, jQuery
  14. Church Bulletin »

    A sophisticated, but approachable periodical.

    Weekly bulletin highlighting the church's Sunday services and upcoming ministries. Careful typographic execution ensures legibility for high-density text. Ample whitespace draws attention to important graphic elements.

    Pamphlet Design, Weekly Editing, Print Production.
    InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
  15. Just Dust »

    A hand-built, earth-walled house.

    Just Dust is an earth-walled house designed for the Ashanti region of Ghana. The house is constructed with durable materials which can be obtained locally and assembled by untrained workers. This design was a finalist in the 2014 NKA Foundation Mud Hut Design Competition.

    Plans, Sections, Presentation Boards
    Autocad, Rhino3D, KeyShot, Illustrator, InDesign
  16. Year in Review Video »

    A comprehensive recap of ministries and events.

    As part of the church's annual business meeting, this video encapsulates the unquantifiable side of ministry. Interview clips and motion graphics compliment the candid footage to render a full depiction of the life of the church in 2018.

    Videography, Titles, Motion Graphics, Video Production
    Photoshop, Illustrator, DaVinci Resolve